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MH-CURE Communications App Improves with Analytics

February 16, 2017

The nature of invention suggests that sometimes certain things can be improved by even very simple means. Sometimes, however, improvements can get unexpectedly complex and add a whole new level of capability to a system once thought comparatively simple. Mobile Heartbeat, makers of the MH-CURE communications app, discovered something that could be added to its own app to improve it: analytics functions.

With its new analytics function, the MH-CURE app not only allows for communications functions in a clinical setting and the ability to rapidly connected the members of various care teams in that same setting, but also the ability to take the information generated from these communications to provide insight into actionable patterns that may develop. MH-CURE now provides reports on adoption rates and communications patterns, which can be a help in determining if something's getting in the way of the fullest use of this communications app.

Plus, there's also the ability to check other efficiency metrics, like discharge rates or the “department-to-bed placement” rate. Knowing these things allows hospitals to make specific decisions regarding patient care more effectively, which in turn should improve the overall success rate for patient treatment.

That's a pretty advanced step by itself, but it wasn't all the advance; with the new version 11 release, users get new access to the Mobile Heartbeat bloc of application programming interfaces (APIs) under the CURE-Connect umbrella. This allows for things like better connection to other applications and connection to an inbound call system, which presents alerts on patients more rapidly.  There are even some new augmentations to the voice communications system, as MH-CURE is now integrated with both Cisco Fast Lane and Apple CallKit.

Being able to pull all these tools in to a communications app is a welcome development; it would have probably been good enough to give MH-CURE a more powerful presence in communications. By adding the analytics tools, meanwhile, not only do the users have more tools with which to communicate, but the users also have more things to communicate about. When it comes to business communications in particular—and healthcare is a business, make no mistake there—having all the necessary information on hand makes communications more effective.

Improving communications is one thing, but this communications app not only improves the quality of said communications but improves the content of these as well. That makes communications in general that much more valuable, and makes Mobile Heartbeat's entry into the field something that clinical settings everywhere should be looking into.

Edited by Alicia Young

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