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Cloud Elements Compiles Funding to Corner API Management Market

January 09, 2017

Nowadays, it really is all about the API. APIs are enabling the next generation in communications development, empowering the integration of applications and capability, making one’s imagination the only limitation. And, API management vendor Cloud Elements is set to take the market by storm.

Tom Roberts, a general partner at Harbert and new Cloud Elements board member, noted, “Cloud Elements has been a pioneer in establishing this new space of enabling all APIs to work together, which is reinforced by their fast growth since they've launched their platform. We're excited to support their next-generation initiatives for the modern business and are to see where they lead.”

With a valuation of $42 billion, the API integration market is one marked for growth. And after a successful series B round of funding, Cloud Elements gains an influx of $13 million, bringing its total funding to $21.2 million. It initiated its journey as the first solely dedicated platform for integrating APIs in 2014, and today Cloud Elements reports 40 percent quarter-over-quarter revenue growth – with much of its success owed to its approach to enabling API unification, alleviating developer challenges and simplifying the process. 

Cloud Elements has come a long way in two short years, boasting a number of milestones from 2016 that include API distribution via the AWS API marketplace; a strategic partner in Sage; and inclusion in Gartner Magic Quadrants: Full Life Cycle API Management 2016, Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide 2015, and Application Services Governance 2015.

“Over the past few years, the industry has witnessed exponential growth in public and private APIs. Businesses now rely on APIs as a critical component of daily operations, and the number of APIs needed per business will only continue to rise, leading to higher costs and delays for go-to-market strategies, customer programs and more,” said Mark Geene, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Elements. “Our vision for the next generation of digital business is to unify the world of APIs in such a way that makes it easy for businesses to quickly and seamlessly integrate applications of any kind at a much lower cost - something that has only been a daydream of developers until now.”

For developers, APIs serve as key building blocks to enterprise applications. In reducing complexity, APIs greatly aid in piecing together a solution that is feature-rich and future forward. In the developer sandbox, the future is now and firms like Cloud Elements are enabling it.

Many are familiar with APIs, but who out there is all about the API?

Edited by Alicia Young

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