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  • Communications Applications Week in Review: Dialogic, CafeX, XFONE & More
    Communications are in the midst of a renaissance period; the digital transformation at hand is ushering in a new era of solutions thanks to innovation in areas like WebRTC, the cloud, virtualization and more. And, with the weekend upon us, there's no better time than th…
  • Dialogic Delivers Secure Communications Applications with BorderNet 4000 SBC
    Israel's Xfone has selected Dialogic's BorderNet 4000 as the interconnection Session Border Controller (SBC) to secure its communications applications for international and wholesale voice networks.
  • Dialogic Receives TMC's Excellence Award for its Communications Applications
    Dialogic is given the 2016 Real Time Web Solutions Excellence Award by TMC for its PowerMedia XMS 3.2 solution and the communications applications it delivers on premises and in the cloud.
  • CafeX and ITOCHU Bring WebRTC to APAC Markets
    CafeX and ITOCHU have entered into an exclusive agreement that will allow ITOCHU to market, distribute and license all CafeX WebRTC products.
  • Trend Toward Unified and Collaborative Development Shaping Communications Solutions
    Developers are becoming more open, unified and collaborative in the communications market, leading to more innovative and integrated communications solutions.
  • Communications Applications Week in Review: Cloud Elements, Marseco, Trello & More
    Advancements in development have greatly expanded the developer sandbox, and are resulting in a new generation of innovative communications applications. With this hotbed of development, the news is coming fast and furious. And, with the weekend upon us, there's no bett…
  • Atlassian Advances Communications Applications with Trello Acquisition
    Atlassian pays $425 million to acquire Trello to improve its communications applications and collaboration services by integrating one of the most popular platforms in the segment.
  • PokitDok Adds Communications Developer Skills to Healthcare
    PokitDok lands a new accreditation from healthcare organizations, proving its value in the field as a communications applications developer.
  • Marseco to Transform Recruitment with WebRTC
    WebRTC platforms are enabling a new generation of communications applications, which are making their mark across the spectrum of industry. From the contact center to the c-suite, at the click of a button video or voice communication is initiated.
  • Cloud Elements Compiles Funding to Corner API Management Market
    API management vendor Cloud Elements reports exceptional growth and a new influx of funding from a successful series B round.
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: SaberLogic, CES, net2phone & More
    Enterprise communications have evolved a great deal in a short time. Whether it's finding new use cases for WebRTC and leveraging the cloud, or multimedia interactions at the push of a button, the digital transformation is in full swing, in real time. And with the weeke…
  • LiveNinja Newest net2phone PicuP
    This week, global communications and payment services company net2phone upped its offerings with the acquisition of Live Ninja - a customer facing messaging and live chat management service.
  • Ensenta Brings Communications Development to Payments
    Communications development firm Ensenta offers a new technological edge to mobile payment firms in a new partnership.
  • CES 2017: Liberty Mutual Goes API, AI , and Gamify
    Insurance company Liberty Mutual announced today it is launching an open API developer portal combining public data with proprietary insurance knowledge. New apps using the APIs should be able to help consumers do everything from finding safe driving routes to assessing…
  • SaberLogic's Bezlio: A New Communications Developer Edge
    SaberLogic rolls out a new software-as-a-service product for communications developers known as Bezlio, which makes it easy to pull in data from some sources and transfer it to others.
  • Communications Developers: Add Real-Time Text Now
    One of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's last moves was to mandate Real-Time Text (RTT) to communications systems for the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Communications Developers Ready For Next Holiday
    Communications developer Ecosmob readies for next holiday shopping season by bringing out a complete WebRTC client solution.
  • Divestitures, Acquisitions Rock Communications Developer Community
    Mitel Networks drops its Mitel Mobility line, offering up its mobile operations to Xura and shaking up communications developers.
  • Communications Developers See New Team-Up
    A recent team-up between DSP Group, MERA and Media5 has brought out new capabilities for communications developers.
  • Dialogic Promotes CPaaS and WebRTC Development through Global Workshop Series
    Dialogic recently wrapped up a global series of workshops focused on communications solutions development using CPaaS and WebRTC.
  • Realm Mobile: Communications Developers' Newest Edge
    Realm's new Realm Mobile Platform Professional Edition will give communications developers a little extra push in real time app development.
  • Communications Developers Have a Marketplace With Codementor
    Codementor just raised $1.6 million to grow its online education business and become a marketplace for communications developers and other freelancers.
  • Northeast Suites and Zenya Mobile Deliver Improved Guest Communications
    Northeast Suites and Zenya Mobile have entered into a partnership to streamline guest communications and improve the overall customer experience before, during and after their stay.
  • US Telcos Move Ahead on NFV as Europe Watches: 2017 Predictions
    While huge progress has been made this year toward the development of virtualized services, a variety of challenges remain before widespread service roll-out can commence. 2017 will be the year that the industry takes positive steps to overcome these barriers, says Prav…
  • Google RCS now Available for Communications Developers
    The availability of Rich Communications Services from Google will give communications developers a next generation SMS that will be an alternative to iMessage for android users.
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Skype, Prinova, Dialogic & More
    The Communications Developer Zone week in review is a recap of all the top stories in communications developer news this week.
  • First Responders use Push-to-talk for Safety Demonstration
    First responders in Ohio demonstrate the importance of having dedicated LTE network to manage security and public safety while using push-to-talk solution to communicate.
  • Communications Developers See Greater Automation Demand
    Increasingly, cloud-based systems turn to automation, leading to a concomitant increase in demand for such systems from communications developers.
  • Skype Communications System Adds Live Translation
    Skype's video and voice communications solution has added voice translation to all calls.
  • Messagepoint Improves RR Donnelley's Customer Communications
    The Messagepoint customer communications platform from Prinova will play a more important role as RR Donnelley increases the integration of this solution after more than five years of successful collaborations.
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: PhenixP2P, Temasys, Zang & More
    Communications development is in the midst of a real time revolution. Areas of innovation like cloud computing, WebRTC, NFV and virtualization in general are empowering an era where the only limitation is creativity. And, with the weekend upon us, there's no better time…
  • AnyMeeting Earns Real Time Notoriety
    AnyMeeting earns 2016 Real Time Web Solutions Excellence Award.
  • PR Utility Turns to Text Messaging
    A Puerto Rican utility turned to ImagineSoft to develop an email to SMS service to improve customer communications and accelerate payments.
  • Utilize Real Time Communications with 'Tap To Speak' for Live Events
    The integration of Tap-to-Speak with Temasys' Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) platform will increase the participation of audiences and live events by turning smart phones into microphones.
  • PhenixP2P PCast Addresses Real-Time Streaming Latency
    PhenixP2P says it has a new angle on the live streaming business. While most streaming platform providers run into delay problems, this Chicago-based business says its PCast platform can scale to millions of devices without latency challenges, and without the need for c…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Lipigas, Dialogic, Amazon & More
    Innovation in cloud computing, virtualization, WebRTC and more have provided developers a toolbox to develop creative means of engagement and build a strong foundation for all things in real time. And, with the weekend upon us, there's no better time than the present to…
  • Take Note: The Evolution of Voicemail is at Hand
    In the most recent CommsDevZone Podcast, Dialogic's Alan Percy is joined by Karel Bourgois to discuss how the communications developer tools of today are enabling an evolution in voicemail.
  • Communications Developers Get New AWS Tools
    Amazon Web Services recently added a slate of new tools, giving communications developers a lot more room to work with.
  • Communications Developers Join Better Healthcare Hunt
    NewYork-Presbyterian turned to communications developer Mobile Heartbeat to augment collaboration and communications at the clinical level.
  • Lipigas Puts PowerVille Visual IVR to Work
    Lipigas announced today that it is utilizing the Dialogic PowerVille Visual IVR to offer interactive service ordering, billing and account information via a self-service portal.
  • Durham College Students Ride Zang Platform to Victory
    The communications developer sandbox is chockfull of tolls today. From WebRTC and cloud to virtualization and beyond, today's developer has a fully loaded arsenal at their disposal. Today, Zang announced that its applications-as-a-service and all-in-one-cloud communicat…
  • Virtualization Beyond the Data Center
    There's a lot of talk among telecommunications developers today about evolving the IPX and moving toward providing more personalized and connected services, not only for 4G environments, but also providing contextual voice and video applications for service providers to…
  • Dialogic PowerVille LB 1.4 Proliferates Promise of Real-Time
    In April, The Communications Developer Zone asked if you have an LB in your starting lineup. I reiterate the same question because the load balancer is a key component in real time communications. The proper solution will address the specific needs that real-time commun…
  • 'Contextual Communications' Will Overtake Unified Communications
    When enabling communications today, communications developers need to look at how people work (or want to work). They usually work either alone or in collaboration with groups, reaching out only when necessary through the application they're working in.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine Means Better Access to Low-Latency Streaming
    Communications developers everywhere can now take advantage of Wowza's updated engine for improved streaming.
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Dialogic, Tesco, CafeX & More
    The Communications Developer Zone week in review is a recap of all the top stories making headlines in the market this past week.
  • How Tesco, a Grocery Store Chain, Proves a Huge Communications Developer
    Tesco's advances in real-time analytics and elsewhere depend heavily on communications developers.
  • CafeX Partners with Rakuten to Develop Presence in Asia
    Communications software developer CafeX recently announced its partnership with Rakuten, which will distribute the entire portfolio of CafeX products to businesses in Japan.
  • Silver Spring Networks Grows Beyond Its Utility IoT Roots
    IoT company Silver Spring Networks is expanding into logistics, making it easier to integrate with its solutions, and pushing peer-to-peer communications.
  • Dialogic PowerMedia XMS 3.2 Determined to Drive Cloud Deployment
    It is becoming increasingly difficult for communications developers to lay claim to a space. In the digital transformation landscape, Dialogic has taken the reigns, and today extended its cloud deployment leadership with the announcement that the Dialogic PowerMedia XMS…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: WebRTC, Voxlmplant, Ecosmob & More
    The Communications Developer Zone wants to hear from you! If you are working on an interesting project, dabbling in bleeding edge tech or just have something to say on the state of communications development, we welcome and value your input!
  • Clavister Supplies CSPs with Best Practice for SDN/NFV Migration
    With all new technology there is a learning curve in terms of not just becoming familiar with the solution, but also best practice in putting it to work. Communications developers are calling NFV and SDN into action; unfortunately, planning and implementing a full proof…
  • Ecosmob's WebRTC Client Solution Addresses Healthcare Industry Challenges
    Digital technology has revolutionized healthcare. The industry as a whole has taken a proactive stance to use information and communications technologies to introduce new levels of efficiency to a sector that has been described as inefficient, bloated, costly and not co…
  • Avaya Improves Patient Experience for KAMC
    Avaya prides itself on providing industries with mission critical, real time communications applications. One of the areas real time communications is making a big difference in is medicine. That's the case for King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC), a referral specialist ho…
  • WebRTC: The Answer to Scalability
    WebRTC-based communication offers advantages that solve these issues of infrastructure and scalability. Because of WebRTC's strength in establishing efficient peer-to-peer communications, the technology is capable of greatly reducing server-side load, which in turn yiel…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: AGNITY, Dialogic, Opera & More
    The only limit to communications developers today is imagination. Each day we see burgeoning technologies like the cloud, WebRTC, NFV and the like push the boundaries of what was thought possible. And, with the weekend upon us, there's no better time than the present to…
  • Opera Browser Speeds Up, Adds New WebRTC-Friendly Features
    Web browsers are commonly tools taken for granted. They're right where they need to be doing just what they need to do, but thanks to the advent of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), they've taken on a whole new life. Recently, Opera experienced some upgrades,…
  • NORDSEE Knows There's Nothing Fishy about Cloud Communications
    Mitel has maintained a strong presence in the real-time and cloud communications space, and this week furthered that status with the announcement of its newest deployment. The top fish retailer in Germany and Austria, NORDSEE, signed on with Mitel to improve productivit…
  • AGNITY Implements Advanced Routing Applications
    There is a growing list of requirements for today's communications solutions, with the foundation being flexibility, scale and performance. And, as service providers engage in heated battles with OTT providers and the like, differentiation will come in the form of scala…
  • Modus Hotels Adopts TrustYou Messaging, Analytics
    TrustYou develops software that helps enterprises better communicate with their customers. Its messaging and survey applications make it possible for companies, such as Washington D.C. hotel owner and restaurateur Modus Hotels, to remain in contact with guests during th…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Watson, Sonus, Firefox & More
    Between WebRTC, the cloud and virtualization in general, communications developers have their hands full with tools to tinker with in the developer sandbox. Real time communications continue to carry the day, as this transformative technology is responsible for innovati…
  • Firefox Hello: When Browser-Based Communications Go Belly Up
    If I were to tweet the hashtag #Hello, there is a rather high likelihood that it would be construed as in reference to Adelle's viral hit, not Firefox's "failed" foray in WebRTC. It has been some time since Firefox announced it would end support for its browser-based co…
  • Sonus Setting Sights on Cornering Cloud Communications
    Separating fact from fiction is something we all do on a regular basis. Whether it is filtering out the talking heads of today's media or researching your next waiver wire pick up in fantasy sports, this is more common an occurrence than most realize. The cloud is no di…
  • IBM's World of Watson Makes Waves
    A short while back, the communications developer zone delved into how WebRTC is wooing the contact center. While WebRTC is without question a transformative technology, IBM's Watson is no slouch. Coupling cognitive computing with WebRTC welcomes a world of opportunity, …
  • Watson Wills Real Time
    Communications developers are currently enjoying the wealth of tools readily available, and one area of technology taking flight today is WebRTC. Our real time world denotes we should get what we want, when we want it, and real time solutions are capable of doing just t…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Zipwhip, Agora, CakeX & More
    Real time communications is revolutionizing communications and collaboration; by embracing today's digital transformation, the developer sandbox is rich with innovation. From WebRTC and NFV to the cloud and beyond, communications developers are empowering verticals far …
  • Microsoft Names CafeX Preferred Partner for Dynamics Customer Service
    Microsoft has tapped CafeX Communications as its preferred real-time customer assistance within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service solution provider. The resulting solution, for which trials will commence starting next month, delivers real-time omnichannel comm…
  • Momo Integrates Solution
    Video communications has now become as common as voice, and social media platforms without this feature won't be able to compete in the marketplace. The integration of the video and voice into Momo will let this social media company provide new voice and video …
  • AIRDOCS Brings in New CEO with New Vision on Cloud-Based CCM
    Sometimes a company just needs a new vision, and one way to get that new vision is to start from the top. A new CEO can mean a new lease on life, or at least a new way to go about things, and for AIRDOCS, that new CEO was recently found in Greg Twemlow. Twemlow has some…
  • Zipwhip Raises $9 Million to Give Landlines Access to Text Messaging
    Given that there are a lot of people out there who don't routinely use smartphones, or even cell phones, it's easy to see how many have never really come in contact with the text message. The blissful slumber of a text-free life, however, may be on the verge of extincti…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Metaswitch, StarLeaf, & More
    As WebRTC makes its way into the mainstream, real time communications continue to take hold of the enterprise and beyond. From the contact center, conference room and c-level to the medical field and more this burgeoning area of development is just beginning to spread i…
  • Dosecast Users Receive Help with Medication Adherence in Real Time
    Do you have trouble remembering when to take your medication? If you're anything like me, you can barely remember to take an antibiotic twice a day for a week when you're sick. Imagine having to adhere to a strict medication regimen-it's proven to be very difficult for …
  • Ups Ante with Two-Way Real Time Interactions
    Real time communications have solidified a space in the enterprise vernacular. From sales and customer service to IT and C-level executives, real time communications is empowering a more productive workforce resulting in improved collaboration, greater insight and a hea…
  • Click-to-Call Stands Out with StarLeaf OpenCloud V4
    WebRTC is quickly becoming part of the communications vernacular. From a developer perspective, it allows creativity to steer the ship, providing the ability to create solutions, which provide communication and collaboration at the click of a mouse. Today, StarLeaf adde…
  • Metaswitch Integrates vIMS Solution with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    The competition over- the-top (OTT) service providers have introduced has dramatically changed how CSPs operate and price the services they offer. Just on SMS, traditional carriers have lost billions of dollars because of applications such as WhatsApp and others. In add…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Dialogic, Telestax, Ecosmob, WebRTC & More
    Digital Transformation is taking hold, with a key component coming in the form of communications development. Leveraging innovation in the cloud, virtualization, WebRTC and more to create an environment of innovation with creativity serving as the lone limitation, the f…
  • Communications Development: Getting the Math Right
    In communications development, like any business, there is a convergence of ideas and talent to create a successful end result. While a development team is most likely made up of experienced developers, management in a lot of cases is composed of people not necessarily …
  • Expectations Rising for WebRTC in the Enterprise
    Enterprises today are finding more ways to turn their information - digital as well as spoken words - into informational assets that can be analyzed, shared, evaluated and stored. This information, properly processed, can become valuable for improving business processes…
  • Ecosmob Puts New Life in Travel Agencies with WebRTC Client
    The travel industry has changed somewhat in recent years, and the travel agency may have come off the worst for it. With users able to hop on dozens of websites and book their own hotel, flight, rental car, and a host of other options, what place is left for the travel …
  • Watch Out Big 'D,' WebRTC is on the Way
    How we communicate is something experiencing transformation. The omnichannel, real-time, always-on, always plugged-in world demands evolution in communications development. While deskphones of days past are still important, the ability to contact a current or perspectiv…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: Dialogic, Telestax, & More
    Innovation in communications is coming fast and furious. Utilizing up and coming technologies like WebRTC, virtualization and the cloud, the possibilities are rather exciting. And with the weekend upon us, there's no better time than the present to take a look back at t…
  • Founder Finds Creativity Key to WebRTC
    From POTS to VoIP, the cloud and WebRTC communications have come a long way. A force enabling this is the armory of available tools, but according to the Founder of, Moshe Maier, creativity needs to takes center stage. Maier recently appeared on the CommsDevZone…
  • TokBox to Showcase Benefits of Embedded Live Video for Healthcare
    Healthcare, just like virtually every other industry is now more connected than ever, and it is leveraging digital technology to overcome many of the challenges it faces. This includes video consultations, which is set to increase to 150 million per year by 2020 compare…
  • CafeX to Demonstrate WebRTC-based Proactive Agent Coaching Solution
    Web-based Real Time Communications (WebRTC) has introduced a technology in which anyone can communicate through video, voice and data with minimal effort. As the technology continues to evolve, more organizations are using WebRTC to improve the productivity level of the…
  • My Day as a WebRTC Developer
    The day began with an overview, and before I knew it I was downloading FileZilla and neck deep in RESTcomm. Starting with the RESTcomm Dashboard, I provisioned a phone number, set-up my client and was 'clicking to call'. The session moved onto RESTComm Markup Language (…
  • Communications Developer Zone Week in Review: WebRTC, Twilio, Temasys & More
    I've got a fever, and unlike Christopher Walken, the only prescription is innovation. There's no issue breaking my fever, as new and exciting solutions are coming fast and furious, and we have it all here for you in 'The Zone.' And, with the weekend upon us, there's no …
  • Telemedicine Taking Flight: Thanks WebRTC
    Real time communications are reserving a space across the spectrum of industry. From the contact center to the conference room and beyond, real time communications are enabling new and innovative means to provide services. An area seeing a boon because of real time is t…
  • Twilio Looks to Optimize Web Calls with Voice Insights
    Developers are now creating VoIP functionalities from scratch that allows them to integrate different communication solutions that can be accessed across different devices and platforms. The process can be challenging, and without the right communications APIs it can be…
  • Stop Wondering About WebRTC: Real-Time is Revolutionary
    In the Communications Developer Zone we readily journey to the bleeding edge and back again in communications technology. Nowadays, it seems that not only is WebRTC here to stay, this transformative technology is in position to deliver an oversized dose of disruption to…
  • Twilio Set to Land Kurento for WebRTC Technology
    Building up a position in Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is increasingly important for many firms out there eager to get a foothold in this still new and still growing communications market. Twilio recently made a move in that field itself, as it announced …
  • Communications Developer Week in Review: WebRTC, IMTC, Kinetise & More
    The communications developer sandbox is crowded, as innovation in virtualization, the cloud and WebRTC is coming fast and furious. Taking imagination to reality, developers are able to mold solutions to suit needs across verticals. And, with the weekend upon us, there's…
  • Mobile Heartbeat Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its Smartphone Application
    Smartphone technology and applications have introduced new levels of efficiency when it comes to communications, and nowhere has this been embraced more than in the healthcare industry, where real-time, life-saving and critical access to information is incredibly vital.…
  • IMTC Updates Charter, Renames Its Communications SDN Activity Group
    The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) holds events throughout the year to assist businesses with their testing of multimedia and telecommunications products. As a not-for-profit itself, it promotes the use of devices that follow common standa…
  • WebRTC Can Bring You Closer to Customers
    Today Twilio, a cloud communications platform company, revealed some insights into the minds of consumers. The results of the Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report indicate that nine out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands. Unfortunately, …
  • Calling All Developers: WebRTC is What's Next
    The telephone and the public switched telephone network have made it possible for people to talk with one another where they're across the street or on opposite ends of the world. Mobile phones made all that possible - and without tethering subscribers to wired networks…
  • App Development Democratized with Kinetise App Platform
    Developing apps-developing communications in general, really-can seem like a difficult process full of arcane rules and complex actions. That's not too far off from the truth, and that's a point that could stand some changing. The first platform that can change that may…
  • Communications Developer Week in Review: Dialogic,, WebRTC & More
    Areas coming into focus for communications developers include WebRTC, NFV, the cloud and more. With the increased performance, ease of use and potential for development, the future is bright for those putting the pieces together in their developer sandboxes. And, with t…
  • Reports Successful Round of Funding
    There's no question about what's trending today in communications development, WebRTC is wooing all arenas of industry with its seamless and efficient nature. Increased adoption and innovation is resulting in an exciting time to be in communications development. With al…
  • Worldwide WebRTC Demand on the Rise
    WebRTC is a new technology that offers great potential to bring real-time communications to both new and existing applications and websites. Not only that, but WebRTC doesn't require users to download any special plugins or other software to enable it to work, so it sig…
  • RCS Enables New Revenue Opportunities for Service Providers
    Networking and IT services are changing at such an astounding rate that service providers and communications developers are scrambling to keep up. As networks have evolved to a data and services-driven model, the mobile revenue structure has evolved and service provider…
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